Our Solutions

Agriculture Solar Systems

Agriculture Solar water pump systems can provide you irrigation water during daylight hours when you need it the most. Keep your livestock in fresh water with agricultural solar water pumping from SOLAMISRSolar Systems.

Residential Solar Systems

Homeowners now have the opportunity go solar to reduce thier bells and to face blackout with a smile that you are one of those who utilized the SUN.

SOLAMISR can help you add a solar energy system to your home whether on-gird or off-grid.

Solar energy is all we do. Our assets: our experienced team, our quality products and our relationships with international suppliers.

Commercial Solar system

Commercial solar system; ideal for industrial plants, office buildings, schools, universities and shopping malls.

Self Contained Solar Power Plants to feed directly into the grid or for self consumption in all industrial and commercial Applications.

Remote area Solar system

A correctly sized and deployed solar power system can perform without interruption, and  with little maintenance for many years.

"Off-grid" systems , which do not tie into the power grid, run on a combination of solar panels, batteries and often a backup generator running on gasoline, diesel or Gas.