Self-consumption lessens the burden on power grids in two respects: Energy that is consumed at the same location where it is generated no longer has to be transported over the grid.In addition, energy needed for consumption does not have to be purchased via the public power grid.

" YOUR BELL WILL BE DECREASED " short stence for a long story.

One of the reasons why self-consumption is so effective is that it highlights one of the special advantages of photovoltaic systems: the good correlation between power generation and energy demand over time.

As an example of this correlation, solar power plants supply the most power at midday, which also happens to be the time when power is needed the most. 
Aside from its ability to lessen the burden on power grids, self-consumption can generally be viewed as a future-oriented issue - especially in light of the so-called grid parity that will be achieved in Egypt over the next years: For once the cost of solar energy is equal to or less than the cost for conventional energy from a wall outlet, it makes sense for each solar power plants owner to use as much self-generated energy as possible.

 self consumtion


Photovoltaics panels is your own generator of electricity from the SUN, it is simply convert the SUN light into DC electricty

SOLAR CABLE, A solar cable interconnects solar panels and other electrical components of a photovoltaic system. Solar cables are designed to be UV resistant and weather resistant. It can be used within a large temperature range and are generally laid outside.

ON-Grid Inverter simply convert the generated DC electricity ( the same as car battary) in to AC electricity just like your electrical plug type, and above all syncronized with the national grid .

distribution panels simply rout the outputs

With out backup system, you will lose your solar feed with energy cutUNLESS back-up system installed, charger/inverter is used for charging batteries when the power is thier and feed your needs at power cut.

Batteries accumulate excess energy created by your PV system and store it to be used at night or when there is no other energy input. Batteries can discharge rapidly and yield more current that the charging source can produce by itself, so pumps or motors can be run intermittently.