How solar work

Solar Panel Illustration Final

The Electric Bell goes higher every year plus energy cut…we need independent solution

Egypt suffer energy shortage like never before, neverless raise of electricity teriff, how we could resource alternative?
The amount of power the sun gives us in just a single hour is more than enough to meet the entire power needs of humanity for an entire year.
Here at solamisr, we think that we should take advantage of all the free, clean, and abundant power that is literally falling on our heads. The advantages of solar energy are clear.


 Solar system can 

• Help you control and decrease your monthly utility costs
• Protect you from future utility cost rises
• Protect you from blackout with Backup system
• Reduce your carbon footprint
• Help combat climate change and preserve the environment

Do your do your research so that you can feel completely comfortable before you get started on your home solar power, learn about how all that sunlight can actually be converted into enough power to run your TV, charge your smart phone, and power your refrigerator.

It is not a Miracle, it is just Science.


Turning solar energy into usable electricity happens in several steps...

Solar panels on your home collect energy from the sun, microinverters on the back of each solar panel convert direct current (DC) electricity into alternating current (AC) electricity. This AC power flows from the panels, through the wires, and into your net meter. From there it is distributed to your household appliances



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 Solar panels on home collect energy from the sun.  Solar wires and cables that can handle the output from your system transfer the power to the inverter.  inverters take the direct current (or DC) power generated by your panels and convert it into alternating current (or AC) power, which can be used in your home.  Measuring the electricity you're feeding the grid OR self consume the produced electricity .  You can now use the electricity your panels collected from the sun to power everything in your home.