SOLAMISR is a solar energy solutions provider committed to meet the energy needs of home and business owners by offering multiple top quality solar products and technologies, supported by knowledgeable solar experts. All systems are sold as a turn-key solution. As an SOLAMISR Solar System owner you are our top priority.

Our Mission

We are committed to offer our customers innovative and reliable products with the ultimate goal of providing complete customer service satisfaction and to educate clients on the benefits of reducing reliance on fossil fuels.
Solamisr provides a truly alternative source of energy through a fully-integrated solar business model.

WHY Solamisr

We may not the biggest, but our customers believe we are the best
SOLAMISR deal with every customer as an opportunity to add value to business, We have the resources and expertise to deliver what we plan succesully, Therefor, No matter how economy is bad or good, we grow consistently .

What sets SOLAMISR apart

SOLAMISR integrates two core competencies into what our customers tell us is a distinct competitive advantage.

• Mission critical SOLAR expertise: SOLAMISR dedicated team of academic professionals and internationlly reconized certified engineers is empower to deliver our projects with planned quality on time and on budget.
• A collaborative approach to working with customers: SOLAMISR prizes the long-term relationships we have developed, based on an interactive working style. Many projects start with a customer’s simple or complex problem and finish with a tailored solution utilizing all of our company resources.





Welcome  to SOLAMISR. Our objective is to build sustainable future for our global community. From the design room to product installation customer is our focal point. This is achieved by providing world-class solar energy products, professional consultations, and sustainable energy solutions. With our experienced and talented engineers and business professionals SOLAMISR is planning to be a pioneer in this field. SOLAMISR is also devoted to be one of the leading solar PV training programs and value for money learning materials and training equipment for schools and universities. Thank you for visiting our website.
Prof.  Salah El-Haggar - Chairman